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This section contains a sample of the letters Vivien Leigh wrote during her lifetime. Vivien's handwriting is often difficult to read, but she often composed her letters by hand. Occasionally she enlisted the assistance of her secretary's typewriter skills, especially for fan mail. However, Vivien would always sign those letters herself. Many of the letters below are thank-you notes for gifts friends and fans sent her. Also notice she regularly collected stationary from hotels to use for letter writing. Today, Vivien's letters are sold on ebay and auction houses anywhere from $200 - $2,000 US.

Her personal letters to her second husband Sir Laurence Olivier are protected in the British library within The Laurence Olivier Archive. Vivien's daughter holds a collection of letters, diaries, and photographs called the Suzanne Farrington Papers. Unfortunately, Mrs. Farrington no longer allows writers and researchers access to the material because recent biographies, such as Hugo Vickers's Vivien Leigh biography, reveal the contents of the Papers. Mrs. Farrington now wants complete privacy.

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