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  • The Mask of Virtue

    Written By: Carl Sternheim; English version of the play by Ashley Dukes

    Directed By: Maxwell Wray

    Presented By: Sydney W. Carroll

    Publicity Photo By: Antony Beauchamp

    Cast: Vivien Leigh (Henriette Duquesnoy); Jeanne de Casalis (Madame de Pomperaye); Frank Cellier (Marquis d'Arcy); Viola Tree (Madame (Duquesnoy); Douglas Matthews (Footman); Jenny Barclay, Adeline Hook, Olive Hinton, Antonia Brough (Maids)

    Opened: Ambassadors Theatre, London, May 25, 1935; St. James's Theatre, London, May 29, 1935

    Photos: Visit the Theatre Archive in the Photo Archive to view photos from this production.


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