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    Vivien Leigh: A Biography [unknown release date-TBD]
    AUTHOR: Hugo Vickers
    PUBLISHER: Indigo Publishing
    PAGES: 432
    DESCRIPTION: From the publisher: "This biography by Hugo Vickers, written in 1988 and updated [TBD], tells the story of Vivien Leigh, the woman. Examining the previously uncovered story of Vivien Leigh’s family, Vickers gives the first clear account of the atmosphere in which Vivien was raised. He covers her marriage to Leigh Holman and their abiding friendship, and then her marriage to Laurence Oliver, made the more difficult by her recurring bouts of tuberculosis and manic depression."
    AVAILABILITY: preorder at Amazon | preorder from the publisher
    A Season with Vivien Leigh [2007]
    AUTHOR: Dilys Gater
    PUBLISHER: Anecdotes Publishing
    PAGES: 165
    DESCRIPTION: from the cover: " Against the background of Vivien Leigh’s life, loves and illness, this book explores her roles as an actress, the nature of acting and her personal philosophies. Dilys Gater is a medium and author who works in theatre and the arts. Here she gives a fascinating new perspective on a stage and screen icon - the woman behind the image, the hidden facets of a complex and courageous personality."
    AVAILABILITY: Limited Used Availability at Amazon.com
    Vivien Leigh: A Biography [2003]
    AUTHOR: Michelangelo Capua
    PUBLISHER: McFarland & Company
    PAGES: 219
    DESCRIPTION: from Amazon.com: "This biography of the beautiful and tortured actress, from her birth and childhood in the exotic India to her premature death in 1967, gives special attention to her development and career as a stage and film actress. Her ambitious personality and her mental illness, including the sexual complusion that haunted her life, her romantic and tragic marriage to Sir Laurence Olivier."
    AVAILABILITY: Amazon | Abebooks
    Vivien Leigh: A Bio-Bibliography [1992]
    AUTHOR: Cynthia Marylee Molt
    PUBLISHER: Greenwood Press
    PAGES: 303
    DESCRIPTION: from Amazon.com: "This book is comprised of a biography describing Leigh's life, work, and travels. A chronology contains the important events and dates in her life and the people who were part of it. The stage appearances list cast and crew credits as well as the theater's in which a play was presented and the dates. The filmography, like the stage appearances, provides cast and crew credits and synopses. Molt lists the radio and television appearances, as well as the awards and nominations."
    AVAILABILITY: Amazon | Abebooks
    Vivien Leigh: D'Air et de Feu [1990]
    AUTHOR: Serge Mafioly
    PUBLISHER: Henry Veyrier
    PAGES: 384
    DESCRIPTION: (coming soon)
    AVAILABILITY: [Out of Print]
    Vivien Leigh: Non solo Via col vento [1990]
    AUTHOR: Gina Guandalini
    PUBLISHER: Edizioni Logos
    PAGES: 286
    DESCRIPTION: unknown
    AVAILABILITY: [Out of Print]
    Vivien : A Love Affair in Camera [1989]
    AUTHOR: Angus McBean
    PUBLISHER: Phaidon Press
    PAGES: 112
    DESCRIPTION: from the dust jacket: "Angus McBean's personal memoirs, told with his inimitable humour and charm, accompany the photographs in this book and contain many fascinating revelations about the life of a major star whose legend, like that of Marilyn Monroe, lives on long after her death."
    AVAILABILITY: Abebooks | Alibris
    The Life of Vivien Leigh [1988]
    AUTHOR: Hugo Vickers
    PUBLISHER: Hamish Hamilton
    PAGES: 411
    DESCRIPTION: from the cover: "An investigation into the previously uncharted story of her antecedents unearths some surprising discoveries, and family documents, letters, and diaries made available for the first time by Leigh's daughter helps to reveal the atmosphere in which Leigh was raised."
    AVAILABILITY: Amazon | Abebooks
    The Life of Vivien Leigh [1987]
    AUTHOR: Alexander Walker
    PUBLISHER: Weidenfeld and Nicolson
    PAGES: 342
    DESCRIPTION: from the cover: "Based on previous unpublished interviews with her friends, family, and colleagues, as well as with Vivien Leigh herself, Vivien is an extraordinary picture of a unique and complex woman, as willful as she was beautiful, who knew what she wanted--whether the coveted role of Scarlett or that, equally coveted of Lady Olivier-- and got it."
    Vivien Leigh [1984]
    AUTHOR: John R. Taylor
    PUBLISHER: St Martin's Press
    PAGES: 129
    DESCRIPTION: from the cover, "In this celebration of Vivien Leigh's etherial looks and unusual talents, internationally respected film writer John Russell Taylor defines her unique qualities while examining her very strange life. Beautiful and talented, exquisitive and tough, willful and haunted, Vivien Leigh was and remains an enigma."
    AVAILABILITY: Alibris | Abebooks
    Darlings of the Gods [1984]
    AUTHOR: Gary O'Conner
    PUBLISHER: Hodder and Stoughton
    PAGES: 192
    DESCRIPTION: from the cover, "Gary O'Conner, the acclaimed biographer of Ralph Richardson, has drawn on diaries and recollections of actors in the Company as well as some two hundred Australians and New Zealanders who mobbed the Oliviers on their arrival and queued for nights and days to see their productions. Here, through a year in the life of the Olivier's marriage, one can see how this legendary marriage foundered."
    AVAILABILITY: Amazon | Abebooks
    Love Scene: The Story of Laurence Olivier and Vivien Leigh [1978]
    AUTHOR: Jesse L. Lasky Jr. with Pat Silver
    PUBLISHER: Thomas Y. Crowell Publishers
    PAGES: 256
    DESCRIPTION: from the dust jacket, "More than a biography, it is a celebration of the love of two magnificant people in a world of not so long ago that is forever gone."
    AVAILABILITY: Amazon | Abebooks
    Vivien Leigh [1977]
    AUTHOR: Anne Edwards
    PUBLISHER: Simon and Schuster
    PAGES: 319
    DESCRIPTION: from dust jacket: "Here is an extraordinary complex woman brought vividly to life in this first complete biography. Given total access to Miss Leigh's personal letters, and working with the cooperation of those who had been closest to her, Anne Edwards has produced a frank, open book that does not spare the truth, yet is as romantic a canvas, as turbulent and moving a story as any of the great films in which Vivien ever starred."
    AVAILABILITY: Amazon | Abebooks
    Light of a Star [1970]
    AUTHOR: Gwen Robyns
    PUBLISHER: A.S. Barnes and Company
    PAGES: 256
    DESCRIPTION: from the cover, "Gwen Robyns, through descriptive text and many photographs, has succeeded in capturing not only the essence of this sensitive English actress, who is perhaps best known for her portrayals of Americans, but also in depicting the vulnerable woman behind the public image."
    AVAILABILITY: Amazon | Abebooks
    Vivien Leigh: A Bouquet [1969]
    AUTHOR: Alan Dent
    PUBLISHER: Hamish Hamilton
    PAGES: 219
    DESCRIPTION: This book was published 2 years after Vivien's death and is written by her dear friend Alan Dent. The book is divided into seven sections: Greeting, Avowals and Cryptograms, The Young Beauty, The Friends, The Screen Actress, The Stage Actress, and Farewell.
    AVAILABILITY: Alibris | Abebooks
    Olivierowie [1958]
    AUTHOR: Czeslaw Michalski and Jacek Tylim
    PUBLISHER: Filmowa Agencja Wydawnicza
    PAGES: 75
    DESCRIPTION: from the cover: "It is an ordinary, simple, and unpretentious story of artistic career and life of this world’s most famous cinema’s and theatre’s wife and husband. The work of two great English actors is shown here detailed with their private lives. The events in their lives cross with the levels of their marvelous artistic career. There is some drama and some anecdotes, because both drama and anecdote are almost always associated with actors’ lives, both artistic and private ones."
    AVAILABILITY: out of print
    The Oliviers [1953]
    AUTHOR: Felix Barker
    PUBLISHER: Hamish Hamilton
    PAGES: 313
    DESCRIPTION: An authorized biography of the golden couple of the stage. The biography focuses on their careers rather than their private lives. It was published 15 years before Vivien's death.
    AVAILABILITY: Abebooks | Alibris
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