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  • The Vivien Leigh Society

    Basic Info

    Our official beginning took shape in April, 1963, when Vivien Leigh was appearing on Broadway in Tovarich and reaping plaudits for her musical-comedy debut as Grand Duchess Tatiana. She gave sanction to have representation for her friends and fans who have followed her career through the years. Prior to that time, The Society was an unofficial organization and did not issue any regular news of publications although it was in existence for 15 years.

    The Society seeks the sincere person, interested in the acting career of Vivien Leigh. Devotion of members is required in helping the Society to progress in its work toward creating good will for Miss Leigh.

    Members receive 2 large journals a year, news bulletins, membership photo-cards, autographed photos from time to time when Miss Leigh can do this for us, all forms and questionaires.

    The Society maintains a library, a photograph order department and other services for members.

    Membership Information

    Membership in the Vivien Leigh Society is based on a sliding scale depending on the member. Regular membership for those who wish to become active is $2.50 USA and Canada, $3.00 Foreign. Gift Memberships, Trial Memberships, Inactive Memberships and Memberships for Patrons are $3.00. Presidents and other top officers of similar organizations are give a special consideration and receive memberships for $2.00. Whenever it warrants, the Society can offer dispensation to representatives and intra-club officers. Those receiving this invitation can have lifetime (10) memberships for $10.00 or can continue their annual renewals at $1.50 or $1.00, Privileged and Executive Memberships. Additional Information is available.

    Sample Pages from Society Publications